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Pasteur and Bechamp History

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The heritage from Louis Pasteur was to Kill it, Kill it, Kill it, kill it. Which lead to modern medicine and its relationship to cancer, viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite treatments.

Antoine Béchamp, eminent bacteriologist & researcher acknowledged the internal milieu and its effect on transmutation of the microbe. Meaning it is the healthy internal milieu of our body that supports healthy bacteria that again supports us. Unhealthy milieu supports dangerous bacteria, virus and parasites that can lead to breakdown of the body. Why? Because bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites are scavengers feeding on the weak or dead tissues.

Example of an unhealthy internal milieu will be the yearly flu situation.

When you are lacking Vitamin D, C and certain fatty acids in your system combined with general stress of life you are weakening your internal milieu and setting the stage for unhealthy virus to attack. Their job is to attack weaken tissue.

The vaccination does not address the internal milieu and in many cases it acts as a foreign invader breaking your body further down and opening it to more disease.

The Triple vaccination like MMR has questionable science behind. This was documented in the USA senate hearing – as a matter of fact MMR may be a leading cause of autism in children.

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