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Dr. Frank Springob

Founder and Developer of Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT)

Morphogenic Field Technique is an energetic testing system, designed to move the body towards greater health.


MFT has three components:

1. The morphogenic field
2. Muscle response testing
3. Digitized water vials

The M-field: Everything in nature has energy around it. This energy signature is recognized by biologists, scientists and physicists. You may have heard it being called Chi or Aura.

Muscle Response Testing: Originally called Applied Kinesiology, it has been around for over 50 years. Muscle testing is a technique used in alternative medicine to analyze and treat based on the belief that muscles are connected to organs and glands and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems. MFT is an advanced form of muscle testing in which we use your body’s energy field, instead of the organs and glands. Imbalances will affect the health of the person over time. With M-field Technique we can have an energetic conversation with your body about imbalances.

Digitized water vials: These vials contain the digitized energy of common health problems and the solutions to match them. The problem and solution vials are put together into special MFT test kits.

Now that you have an understanding of the three components of MFT let’s walk you through a typical session.

First, the MFT practitioner will measure the size of your M-field, which should reach out at least 5-7 feet away from your body. The practitioner does this by using a special field-measuring vial and your extended arm. As they bring the vial towards your body, the muscle in your arm will innately go weak. This point of weakness shows the practitioner where the field begins. If it is less than 5-7 feet, you are energetically challenged in some way.

Next, the test kits are placed against the body and slowly drawn away to see if the test muscle goes weak. If it does, you have to find the “problem” vial that made the muscle weak. The vials are grouped to narrow down the culprit.

After all of the “problem energies” are identified, it is time to find the “solution energies”. Once you match all of the problem energies to the solution energies, it is time to remeasure the M-field again to see the difference in the size and balance of the field.

All of the “solutions” will be truly natural. The M-field is not interested in any poisons or chemicals.

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