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Heart Sound Recorder

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Learn your Heart Health with the

Heart Sound Recorder

The HEART SOUND RECORDER is a general wellness cardiac stress monitor with a specialized microphone that is placed over each of the four valve areas of the heart to graph the sound and movement of the heart so that the rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart may be evaluated.


Heart Rate – Is it too fast, too slow, or, just right?

Heart Rhythm – Is it consistently steady? Is your heart resting twice as long as it's working?

Heart Tone – Is it STRONG enough with no signs of weakness?


These extremely accurate signature graphs of the HSR provide us with the following information:

  • Whether your heart function is optimal or less than optimal

  • If your body’s chemistry is balanced

  • If your body’s nutritional deficiencies are causing stress on your heart

  • What specific nutritional support your body is requiring


Dr. Lee determined which whole food nutrients would restore the correct rate, rhythm and tone of the heart. Then, when proper nutrition is supplied to the body, the improvement in the heart is reflected in subsequent graphs, often within minutes.


The HSR graph can be an important tool in evaluating your overall health and then in following the progress you are making when under proper nutritional care.

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"As the Heart goes so does

our Body!"

​The Heart Sound Recorder has been around since the 1930’s & created by Dr Royal Lee.  It is a non-invasive tool that provides Bellevue Wellness Center to better evaluate patient’s Nutritional needs, observe the Heart’s – rate, rhythm & tone, Autonomic Nervous System imbalance and Circulatory matters.

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Astrid Zuppinger RD, CCN, LMT is focused on Health and Wellness and teaches Healthy Eating habits, Movement, Supplementation and Body work. She has 30 years of experience in Mainstream & Alternative care.

Phone: 425-999-2802

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